Welcome to the website for the Family Synthesis Project (FaSP). The overall objective of the project is to complete syntheses of findings from over 1000 research reports on the intersection of family life and childhood chronic physical conditions.

We developed the website keeping in mind the needs and interests of both practitioners who care for children with chronic conditions and family researchers. In addition to providing a description of our study and research team, the site includes citations to all reports included in our sample organized by condition and research design, the templates we used to extract information from research reports, the coding categories used in our analyses, and a listing of publications and presentations. For those interested in synthesis research, we have a section on resources for undertaking your own synthesis study

Ours is a large scale study, but we believe the research strategies we used are applicable to studies of a lesser scope. Please visit our website often as we will continue to update and report results from our ongoing analyses. Please contact us if you have any questions or want further information about the study.


Dr. Janet Deatrick visits UNC School of Nursing
Janet Deatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, visited UNC's School of Nursing on Tuesday, April 12th. She shared with PhD students and faculty her vast experience in researching families having a child with a chronic condition as well as her use of the Family Management Style Framework (FMSF) in her research. Drs. Deatrick and Kathy Knafl developed the Family Management Measure, derived from the FMSF, which systematically recognizes multidimensional family processes involved in disease management for children with serious health problems. It was a great visit and an exciting opportunity for faculty and students to meet such an accomplished family researcher.
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Dr. Kathleen Knafl and Dr. Marcia Van Riper to host the Family Research Institute at UNC's Center for Lifelong Learning June 20-23, 2016
The Family Research Institute addresses the unique conceptual and methodological challenges of family research, with particular attention paid to innovative strategies for treating the family as the unit of study. The institute focuses on research proposal development including: 1. conceptual underpinnings, 2. qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method designs, 3. family measures, 4. analytic techniques, 5. ethical issues, and 6. synthesis of family research. In addition to the family research expertise of Drs. Knafl and Van Riper, Dr. Janet Deatrick, Shearer Endowed Term Chair in Health Community Practice and Professor of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and Director of the Center for Health Equity Research, has been invited to participate for one day of the institute. Dr. George Knafl, Professor, The University at North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will discuss statistical analysis of family/dyadic data. IFNA members received a 10% discount. To register, follow this link:
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Dr. Margarete Sandelowski to host two summer institutes through UNC School of Nursing's Center for Lifelong Learning this June, 2016. The first is Qualitative Analysis June 1-4 and the second is Mixed Methods Research, with Dr. Sharron Docherty from Duke University, June 6-9, 2016.
Qualitative Analysis-This is a foundational course focused on general principles of, and generic techniques for, qualitative analyses treating text both as index of experience and as object of analysis. Analysis approaches featured include those commonly used in qualitative studies in the practice disciplines, including content/thematic and narrative/discourse analyses, and grounded theorizing. Mixed Methods Research-This 3.5 day institute is focused on the use of qualitative methods in mixed-methods primary studies and programs of research. The target audience is faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students in the health science disciplines; members of other practice disciplines (e.g., education, clinical psychology, social work) will also find this Institute useful. The program includes didactic sessions on designing, proposing, conducting, and disseminating the results of mixed-methods studies, interactive practice sessions, and opportunities for participants to ask questions about their own research projects. Online registration -
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New Article From FaSP Now in Print
There is a new FaSP team article in print which consists of a mixed-methods synthesis of 29 research reports addressing the intersection of family life and juvenile idiopathic arthritis. The citation can be found under the Dissemination-->Publications tab.
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4-day Family Externship hosted by Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland on May 17-20, 2016
Advanced nursing practice with families guided by a Family Systems Nursing Framework will be the focus of the 4-day Externship workshop hosted by Janice Bell and Lorraine Wright and will feature application of the Illness Beliefs Model and the Trinity Model. There are also plans to offer a live demonstration of a therapeutic conversation with a Swiss family experiencing illness and involve the workshop participants as members of our clinical team. The goal of this intensive learning experience is to increase capacity of health care professionals to care for families and address illness suffering with competence, confidence, and compassion. Deadline to register if March 7, 2016. Link is
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